Renault Twizy Electric Minicar

Renault Twizy Electric Minicar

As all major car makers Renault also puts allot of effort and money into research about electric cars. One of the latest electric vehicles from this company is Renault Twizy which really is a quadricycle.

When it comes to Europe and rules that we have here, quadrycycle, beside four wheels, needs to have less than 400 kg or 800 pounds. Renault Twizy manages t comply with it, and even it looks funny but nice somehow we will not pay much attention to the design.

Base model Renault Twizy 45 comes with 5.3 hp electric motor and you will be able to get speeds of up to 45 km/h and this one can be driven by every one that complies with 50 cc scooter regulations. More powerful EV comes with 17 hp motor and has a limited top speed of 80 km/h which is quite enough for its purpose. More equipped trims brings alloy wheels and glass roof.

You will need about 3.5 hours to fully charge it from a standard 220 – 230 Volt outlet and when it comes to range you can expect figures about 90 km on one charge which is quite decent for a small city electric car.

Ride is very nice, even it comes with thin tires heavy components gives this car low center of gravity which is nice to have in bends. There is no ABS nor power steering but you will not need those because you will be getting pretty light electric vehicle.

Price of Renault Twizy goes from about 7000 Euros or 9150 $ for a base version and for best equipped version you will need to pay about 8500 Euros or 11 100 $, also you will need to add battery lease costs that starts from 65$ a month.

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