Smart Electric Scooter

Smart Electric Scooter

We were able to see Smart Electric Scooter for the first time at Paris Motor Show in 2010 and now we are getting some more information’s about this motorcycle and what it might bring to us.

This is new addition to a line that was made by Smart where we have Smart ForTwo Electric Drive and eBike. Before this there were few rumors that this motorcycle will not be launched and that we can forget about it. New info brings completely different story about this electric scooter.

Under you feet there is a lithium ion battery with 48 volt pack and it will deliver power to 4 kW or 5.4 hp electric motor that is stored in the rear wheel. Top speed of this scooter is announced to be 45 km/h or 28 mph so it will be a good choice for drivers that do not have a drivers license.

Plug in socket is well hidden behind the smart emblem and for a full charge you will need from 3 to 4 hours that will be good enough for 100 km or 60 miles. Just like most electric vehicles this one will also benefit from all the goodies like smartphone integration. Over your smartphone you will be able to track speed, battery state and you will have a complete range indicator.

Other pretty nice features that we have here are ABS, airbag and Blind Spot Assist. Since there is only one brake lever when you apply it front wheel will start to brake with a regular disc brake while the rear wheel and electric motor in it will start to act like an electric generator and electricity will be stored to the batteries. Another way to recharge this motorcycle is through a small and discrete solar panels that we have on front of Smart Electric Scooter.

One of the problems might be the price of this ev and it is reported that it will go over 3900 Euros or 5000 $. Smart Electric Scooter has been announced for 2014 and we will have more information’s about it when the launch date approaches.

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